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Team Leaders

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Kat Cradduck

She lives in a Cincinnati row house with her new baby girl, Great Dane, & husband /favorite co-adventure of over 13 years. Kat loves exploring cities & backpacking mountains or canyons, preferably with a few friends, lots of laughs, and meaningful conversation along the way. If you wanna talk about living a life that’s not the norm…sit by Kat at the campfire!

Melissa Gibson

Mom of 2 crazy children who can't seem to figure out if she’s coming or going, Melissa currently lives in Ringgold, GA with her family and multiple pets. If you need help pooping in the woods she's your girl. Her joy will make you forget adulting and life. If you want a friend at the campfire who isn't afraid to fart while she's laughing, Melissa is your girl.

Jacki Harp

Chattanooga native and mom to two perfect children who never sleep at the same time but somehow synchronize their meltdowns! Jacki enjoys long, slow walks in the woods, climbing warm rocks, doing lots of bird and plant identification, and international travel… (back when that was a thing we did.) Sit by Jacki at the campfire and you’ll find a friend who thinks deeply and because of her fierce strength, would be our vote for President oneday.


Tamieka Howell

She’s our very own professional-ish women’s tackle football player! When she’s not on the field, she’s in her Family Medicine practice in NC, healing babies and grandparents. Tamieka loves the outdoors and her 3 kids and husband. If you need some ridiculous and real conversation about ALL life things, grab a chair and beer and pop a squat next to Tamieka!


Deana Izzo

Deana is an Assistant Director of Special Education in KY, and THE best encourager you’ll ever meet. She’s got two kiddos, a husband, some plants she keeps alive while her daughter is at college and a Gus, the cat. She’s the embodiment of joy and contagious zeal. If you wanna laugh and feel loved, sit next to Deana at the campfire.

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Wendy Jensen

She talks fast, runs slow, and will take pictures of every plant and animal you see on a hike. Wendy is a mom of 4 who married her best friend and knows how to show-up for her friends. If you need to laugh with someone who can just as quickly cry with you, her heart is big enough to do both. Oh, and if you ever wanna learn how to trail run, just tell Wendy…she’s the trail running whisperer. If you need to forget you’re an adult and let loose, find Wendy at the campfire.


Cheryl Miyamasu

She’s the leader of the leaders and the make-up queen! (No joke, she’s taught tons of us how to draw eyebrows so we don’t look perpetually surprised.) Cheryl is

mom to four young kids, wife to an amazing Japanese man, and lover of being outside, doing things that terrify her, eating hummus, empowering women, and intentional conversation over a glass of wine.

Jen Mott

Known as the “Fire-Eater,” Jenn is the perpetual life of the party. She lives in Cincinnati and works as a school Assistant Principal and a professional juggler in the circus. She loves clean more than mud but “sacrifices,” once a year for camp. Wanna hear some amazing adventure stories? Sit next to Jenn at the campfire and get ready to laugh.


Shayla Toombs-Withers

She a doctor by day and a saint by night when she goes home to her hubby and 3 boys. And ya’ll, she’s a genius (like graduated Magna-Cum-I’m-Smart-de.)  She’s run marathons, half-marathons, Ironmans, trail races and around the house chasing her boys. If you need a friend who can infuse peace into your life while simultaneously making you believe you can do anything…then sit by Shayla at the campfire.

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Janelle Townes

Endocrinology never saw such a strong doctor as Janelle. She treats and heals while also raising 3 kiddos and investing in SOAR, a physician group dedicated to anti-racism. She runs, bikes, builds killer fires, and has the best camp fashion. She’s learning how to garden and feels pretty strong about her recent 6 month performance keeping plants alive. If you want to relax with a friend who’ll let you just be, even if it means sitting in silence, sit by Janelle.

Charla Woodruff

This sassy woman who wears ribbons in her hair and a sweet smile on her face was once a police officer and could still secretly be in the CIA. She also credits Girl Scouts with teaching her the valuable lesson of using a hot glue gun. She’s raising 3 strong girls and is a certified doula. She loves running, hiking, yoga, a good sweat, and sunshine..... and just being outside in general. If you want to giggle with wine and share stories of ridiculous adventures, then pull your chair next to Charla at the campfire.

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Kim Young

She’s a mom of 3, wife of 1 who likes being outside & if it involves water that’s even better. Kim says yes to pretty much anything…even if she doesn’t know how to do it…which makes her the BEST adventure partner. She’s the type of leader who won’t just tell you how to do something, she’ll go do it with you! If you need a friend who can listen like a pro and connect with your heart, find Kim and stick to her!