A few of our rockstar leaders...

Cynthia Fallowfield

Trail running, mom of 4, wife of a kiwi, ex-college/professional athlete, lover of all things outdoors. Ice in my veins but warm-hearted.

Melissa Gibson

mom of 2 crazy children who can’t seem to figure out if she’s coming or going. Melissa currently lives in Ringgold, GA with her family and multiple pets.

Jacki Harp

Chattanooga native and mom to two perfect children who never sleep at the same time but somehow synchronize their meltdowns! Jacki enjoys long, slow walks in the woods, climbing warm rocks, doing lots of bird and plant identification, and international travel (back when that was a thing we did...).

Janice long

mom to one 18 yr old son heading to college, mom to two fur-babies and wife to one ultra-runner husband of 25 yrs. I love a good glass of wine, fire pit, and the outdoors, but hate mosquitos.

Cheryl Miyamasu

mom to four young kids, wife to an amazing Japanese man, and lover of being outside, doing things that terrify her, eating hummus, empowering women, and intentional conversation over a glass of wine.

Jen Mott

lives in Cincinnati and works as a school Assistant Principal and a professional juggler in the circus. She loves clean more than mud but makes the sacrifice annually to join the amazing women and experiences that make SheVentures so special!

Meridith Ussery

a mom of two little girls who loves family runs, time in the woods, and fun in the kitchen. She lives in Atlanta, GA, and summer in the south is her favorite time of year.

Kim Young

mom of 3, wife of 1 who likes being outside & if it involves water that’s even better.

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