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Team Leaders


Vivian Alvarez

She lives in Cincinnati, loves the beach, adventure, dogs, and is one of THE best educators and assistant principals you'll ever meet. Vivian oozes wisdom and will spark your courage while sharing solid coaching on how to make anything happen. And she's alotta freaking fun. Need life advice? Vivian is your person. 

Keren Campbell

High-energy meets purposeful living in Keren's life. She's a Momma and the BEST Zumba instructor EVER!  She's a native of the Dominican Republic, and totally embodies the exotic Latin rhythms, high-energy, and international flavor of the country. And she loves adventure and knows NO strangers. If you're coming to camp solo and don't know anyone, find Keren and you'll find a friend.

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Amber Clark

She's a Social Worker by day and a busy Mommy of three ALL the time!She says they give her life and gray hairs but we haven't seen any. Her husband supports all her adventures along with the kiddos while she's at camp or doing what she loves and traveling the world!  Her all time favorite way to travel is by sea so if you're a water lover find Amber! She also, "looooveees making new friends." So...don' t let her down. BE HER FRIEND! 


Carly Cronk

Carly is a mom of 4, wife of 1 and fur mom of 3 who moved to Chattanooga in 2017 and came to the first SheVentures in 2018. She'll never sleep in a tent because she has the Princess and the Pea complex and is a self-admitted hot mess every day of her life. We love her and are SO glad SheVentures is her chosen once a year salvation. She's the woman who'll make you feel like you've been coming to camp for years.


Yvonne Douglas

 Yvonne is a fierce lover of the earth, people, and making a positive impact for the present AND future generations.  She applies this passion for sustainable planning in her career as the Assistant Director for Asset Management at the world’s busiest and most efficient airport-Atlanta. She's a beast of a marathon runner and crushes running our "SheEats" team at SHEsheVENTURES camp.  Yvonne will make you smile and feel known, valued, and like you belong.

ashley f.jpg

Ashely Francis

Born and raised in Chat-town, the outdoors are a familiar playground
for Ashley. (Which means if you find a tick on you, and you can't even, she's your girl.) She's a pro with solar showers, kids, teaching kids, family.  She also has a green thumb in the garden so if you need shrubbery advice, hit her up! Ashley oozes joy, kindness, and energy. If
you need a pep talk she's your

Emily .jpg

Emily Frizzi

When she’s not working Emily’s favorite place is by a good fire near any body of water.  She loves all things outdoors. This is the friend you get excited to be around because of her joy and laughter.  A mom to two of the sassiest girls around (those apples may not have fallen far from the tree) and wife to the best bonfire builder there is. Find her if you want to talk about all things Ted Lasso!


Dee Holmes

Dee is a massage therapist and spa owner in Chattanooga, and loves dressing up, put'n on eyelashes AND getting dirty outside. Oh, and loves, yes LOVES, to pee outside. She promises to be the designated pee instructor so go find her if you don't wanna wait in line for the porta potties!  

Chrisette and Tamieka.jpg

Tamieka Howell

She’s our very own professional women’s tackle football player!When she’s not on the field, she’s in her Family Medicine practice in NC, healing babies and grandparents. Tamieka loves the outdoors, her 3 kids, and husband. If you ever wondered what it would be like to travel with your family in an RV, grab a chair and beer and pop a squat next to Tamieka!

meredith hromadka.jpg

Meredith Hromadka

Meredith lives in Cincinnati where she’s been a junior high Spanish teacher for the last 23 years. She’s a wife and mom of 2 strong-willed teenagers that do their best to keep her on her toes. Meredith is in her happy place outdoors and is always up for an adventure; whether that’s running, cycling, hiking, kayaking or traveling.  Her mantra is: “I can do hard things.”

deana 2.jpg

Deana Izzo

Deana is an Assistant Director of Special Education in KY, and THE best encourager you’ll ever meet. She’s got two kiddos, a husband, some plants she keeps alive while her daughter is at college, and a Gus, the cat. She’s the embodiment of joy and contagious zeal. If you wanna laugh and feel loved, sit next to Deana at the campfire. 

Lauren Kraft.jpg

Lauren Kraft

Lauren Kraft is an all-around ENTHUSIAST!  More specifically, Lauren is a runner, mountain biker, and adventure racer.  Her major goal in life is to help women find entry to new sports with excitement and ease.  When she's not out terrorizing the trails, she's an advocate for disability rights. She believes that the only limiting factor to trying something new is attitude.   


Anne Lang

Anne is an ultrarunner, adventure racer, and podcaster whose favorite things are being outdoors, wearing costumes, moving her body, and a shot of Fireball, ideally all at once. She has endless enthusiasm and patience for ALL questions. If you need someone to help you make bad (awesome) decisions, sit by Anne.


Jen Mott

Jen is the perpetual life of the party AND the brilliant mind behind so many adventures. She's the Assistant Principal and Athletic Director at Mason City Schools. Oh, and she's a professional juggler/stilt walker/fire-eater in the circus. Wanna hear some amazing adventure stories? Sit next to Jen at the campfire and get ready to laugh. 

chanel 2.jpg

Chanel Steven

Social worker, Mom, wife, straight-talking-bike-riding-ray-of-sunshine, Chanel has never met a stranger.  She's a fierce social justice warrior and ALWAYS fights for the forgotten or marginalized. If you need to be reminded why you CAN do whatever YOU choose to do, find Chanel. She'll set you straight, give you a hug, and tell you to GO GET IT DONE! 


Shayla Toombs-Withers

She's a doctor by day and a saint by night when she goes home to her hubby and 3 boys. And ya'll, she’s a genius (like graduated Magna-Cum-I’m-Smart-de.)   If you need a friend who can infuse peace into your life while simultaneously making you believe you can do anything…then sit by Shayla at the campfire. 

janelle 2.jpg

Janelle Townes

Endocrinology never saw such a strong doctor as Janelle. She treats and heals while also raising 3 kiddos and investing in SOAR, a physician group dedicated to anti-racism. She runs, bikes, builds killer fires, and has the best camp fashion. She’s learning how to garden and feels pretty strong about her recent 6-month performance keeping plants alive. If you want to relax with a friend who’ll let you just be, even if it means sitting in silence, sit by Janelle. 

kim 2.jpg

Kim Young

She’s a mom of 3, wife of 1 who likes being outside & if it involves water, that’s even better. Kim says yes to pretty much anything…even if she doesn't know how to do it...which makes her the BEST adventure partner. She’s the type of leader who won’t just tell you how to do something, she’ll go do it with you! If you need a friend who can listen like a pro and connect with your heart, find Kim and stick to her! 

Camp has no socio-economic status, body shape, health type, food preferences, job title,  or "woman-of-the-year" award. It just has amazing humans who deserve a weekend of adventure, laughter, and joy. 

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