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New for 2021!


Explore the earth, conquer the adventure.

(and pee in the woods)

we travel.  we learn.  we conquer.


strong. capable. risk-taking.


and you belong with us

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Sweet pictures by Erin Thurman, Lavender Roots, and random iphones. 


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​July 23-25, 2021             
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October 1-3, 2021

NEW for 2021!


Our Story 

Hey friends!


We're a group of inextricably linked women who decided we wanted more...more adventure in settings that felt intimidating and yet intoxicating (the inspiring kind not the beer kind...although we like a good craft.)

We wanted to learn to rock climb and mountain bike, paddle board and start our own fires and we believed learning together, as women, wasn't just encouraging, it also felt less pressured. 

So here we are, taking risks and learning new things. The best part (in our opinion) is all are welcome, all ages and abilities. There are no outdoor resumes that make you more or less qualified to hang with us. Nope. From the beginner to the genius everyone has a place at the camp fire.


Now, we're inviting you. We've learned that the more we surround ourselves with women who are traveling the same road, the stronger and more confident we become. And seriously, laughing with a bunch of ladies while learning to mountain bike and falling in the mud is pretty kickass.

We stay local and go global with each experience tethered to our mission of teaching, empowering, challenging and connecting. We know the strength we find within ourselves transfers to every other area of our lives making us women who believe in our capabilities and aren't afraid to take daily risks. 


Meet The Team

We've got corporate ladies on our team and stay home PTA presidents. Some of us are comfortable pooping in the woods while others of us would hold it until we died before squatting behind a tree. Our differences make us a valuable band of friends. 


Jenny Baker

Jenny is the crazy founder of SheVentures. A Mom of 2 kids, Jenny makes money for her family as a free-lance writer who enjoys the outdoors more than cake.


Speaker and author of, The War On Normal, Jenny has a passion for empowering women to do things that make them uncomfortable.


Jenny and her husband Franklin are also the Race Directors of the Georgia Jewel Ultra Trail Race. 


Erin Thurman

When Erin isn't working her important corporate gig she's most likely outside, running in the woods. She's a spectacular photographer and picks out great beer. 

As co-founder of Scenic City Trail Runners, a group for all running levels, Erin understands (and remembers) what it's like to be a rookie. She'll make you laugh and believe you can do anything. Except put up a tent. She sucks at that. 


Ashley Thurman

Ashley takes moles off people all day as a Dermatology NP. She put herself through college and carries that same tenacity into her life that includes two kids, a husband Jim and a dog..named Harvey Danger. 

Ashley is a trail runner who can plan a mean party and gets stuff done. She's been known to have two Christmas trees and string her own popcorn decorations. She too, likes beer and hiding from her kids to eat cupcakes. 


Jennifer Doss

Jennifer works in corporate accounting which makes us all yawn. When she comes home each day she feeds, cares for and snuggles her turkeys, chickens, ducks and dogs (and husband, Fred.) She rides a tractor and shoots a gun like Wyatt Earp (he was a famous cowboy).

Jennifer loves hiking, running (ok, she says she doesn't love running, she maybe just likes it) and camping...anywhere. Most of all she loves any new adventure and is always the first person to say "yes!" 


Kellye Tilford

Kellye and her husband Josh are the magnificent owners of Lavender Roots Photography. She's also the most creative woman you'll ever meet. She loves to dumpster dive for artistic trash and brings her two kids on every adventure. She cuts hair at her neighborhood salon, which is next to a tap room. Which means she cuts your hair while you drink beer. Dang. 

When she's not creating a master piece of art, Kellye camps, hikes, climbs or runs through the woods and can cook some mean campfire food. 


Katy Holland

Katy is our resident PTA (Parent-Teacher Association)  president and fashion expert. She hates sleeping with bugs and is the author of every ridiculous campfire conversation that's ever happened.  

She'll try (most) anything and look amazing doing it. She hikes, camps, runs and is always good for a smart alec answer and an instant idea if you need a craft project for your kid's classroom. She's that brilliant. Katy and husband Nathan, enjoy their two sweet girls, little dog Millie and anything Christmas. 


ADDRESS: 396 Bryant Road Chattanooga, TN 37405  |

And Our Partners

(who are pretty freak'n awesome)

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